Workplace Needs Assessments

Book your Workplace Needs Assessment today! Either remote, for just £129, or in person for £395.

What is a Workplace Needs Assessment?

Work-based assessments are offered privately and can be tailored to help develop and grow our clients. These can be remote, at £129, or in person, at £395. These cover SPLD’s, Physical, Neurological, and sensory conditions. The aim of this is to assess and subsequently recommend a solution that benefits both the employee and the employer for a better working arrangement.

Workplace Needs Assessment

What it involves:

  • Initial checks and fact-finding about the client’s difficulties at work, from both the employee and their line manager/employer.
  • Checks and fact-finding about the employee’s specific role and working environment.
  • Review of any existing adjustments already in place.
  • Consideration of any existing assessment reports.
  • Assistive software reviews.
  • Prepare a comprehensive written report of the findings and specific recommendations on suitable adjustments.
Workplace Assessments Process

How it works


1. Book an assessment

Arrange an assessment to first identify what requirements you may need or need to implement.

2. Receive your recommendations

Receive recommendations from our expert assessors.

3. Choose your funding option

There are two funding options available, you can either purchase all solutions privately or apply for Government funding through the Access to Work Scheme. If you wish to purchase privately then please use our online order form.

4. Receive your training and solutions

We know that time is important, so once your order has been placed with us we will be in touch within 2 working days to arrange your training or provide your services.


Training Solutions

We offer a wide range of training solutions that provide benefits for both employers and individuals. Training can be either technical or holistic and often involves both the individual and the employer to remove any existing barriers and allow both parties to achieve success.

Software Solutions
Software solutions have become paramount in supporting people in employment. We pride ourselves on a range of software offerings that are designed to eliminate barriers. Click here to see the wide range of assistive technology we offer and how they could benefit.
Access to Work Funding Options

Access to Work funding

Access to Work funding is available and more information can be found by clicking into the access to work section, please be aware that there is a timeline associated with all Access to Work applictions.

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