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Right 2 Write Ltd is a specialist Dyslexia Community Investment Partner for the Work & Health North West program. 

We, as our partners strive to give local people the knowledge and independence to create better lives for themselves and their communities through employment.

We believe in the potential inside everyone, and that if given the right opportunities we can all achieve great things. Our services aim to unlock that potential within people with Dyslexia through better awareness of their condition, self management, coping strategies and assistive technology. In addition we offer ongoing in-work support to ensure long term sustainability and success.

We, in partnership with those delivering Work & Health North West, can offer cost effective training and strategies funded through the community investment fund. 

There are two options available giving maximum flexibility for the needs of the individual:

  1. Dyslexia assistive technology workshop one morning per week for 5 weeks (minimum 4 participants)
  2. Short tailored sessions for 5 weeks addressing specific dyslexia related difficulties (minimum 4 participants)

Whichever option the participant decides to take a unique virtual dyslexia tutor course is included for all participants which includes bespoke assessments and coping strategies. This builds upon the contents of the group or individual sessions and reinforces the training.

The workshops and tailored sessions are delivered by qualified psychologists with specific training and experience in helping people with Dyslexia gain and retain employment.

If the participants gain full time employment or a work placement we will help the participant by conducting a fast track Access to Work assessment. This would include funded provision of assistive technology and coping strategy sessions in the workplace, this significantly increases retention and success for the individual in the workplace. 

Dyslexia Assistive Technology workshop

We offer 5 specialist workshops that support people with Dyslexia who are experiencing barriers finding employment. The workshop runs weekly for 3 hours. Each session is themed around a particular topic such as Dyslexia awareness and impact, developing coping strategies, using free assistive technology and job searches using our mobile computer suite. The sessions include an element of one-to-one support as well as group work. (minimum 4 participants to start a group off, then a rolling programme).

The cost for this workshop is is £199 + VAT per participant for the whole 5 week programme.

Tailored Support Sessions

In cases where the workshop format is not appropriate we also offer one-to-one support sessions tailored to the individual's needs. The sessions last 45 minutes each and we need 4 participants to run this provision.

The cost for these sessions is £199 + VAT per participant for the whole 5 week programme.

How to refer a Participant

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More Information / Contact

If you require additional information or wish to contact us about this program please use the contact form below or ring us on 01282902068.

The assistive technology workshop was pioneered by our sister charity SID in the North East, the following is a video highlighting the barriers and positive impact of the workshops on individuals with Dyslexia.

SID Project


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Right 2 Write has unparalleled expertise in enabling people with hidden disabilities to overcome barriers in their workplace, and focuses on advising appropriate and cost effective adjustments.