Management Training

Awareness, Mentoring & Mediation

Awareness Training

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This is a half-day session that caters for up to 10 members of staff, including management and colleagues. Training will cover what dyslexia means and how it manifests itself, dispelling the myths and demonstrating how your team can actively work to help a member of staff overcome any barriers that their dyslexia causes. Furthermore, the training will outline the implications of dyslexia within the Disability Discrimination Act. It proffers reasonable adjustments that managers can implement, including assistive technologies and strategy training that can benefit both the client and your business.

Mentoring and Mediation

We are able to help managers and colleagues understand, and get the best from working with, people with disabilities. This is often useful where there is misunderstanding or a breakdown of communication in the working relationship.

Advice for Employers


Dyslexia Quick Guide




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Right 2 Write has unparalleled expertise in enabling people with hidden disabilities to overcome barriers in their workplace, and focuses on advising appropriate and cost effective adjustments.