businessErgonomic Assessments are required if you want to properly address individual worker requirements in order to improve health and productivity in the workplace.

How it Works

  • We will spend 1-2 hours with the employee in the work location, discussing problems and assessing how work tasks are performed. Solutions which can be implemented immediately will be recommended.
  • Within 5 working days of the assessment, a written report is sent to the referrer via email with recommendations for further actions.
  • The report will include contact details of recommended equipment suppliers, complete with product codes and prices for ease of ordering.


  • The costs of absence due to sickness will be reduced, as will the risk of costs due to insurance or litigation.
  • Comfort and awareness of health will maximise worker productivity.
  • All involved will gain valuable insight into 'best practice' in the workplace. This assessment would encompass employers' duties under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992/2002.
  • This assessment can also help prevent ill health in employees.


  • This assessment is suitable for an employee experiencing pain or discomfort, who is currently continuing to work or is on sick leave. The Company may have performed an internal H & S risk assessment but the discomfort and problems have continued. Therefore more specialist advice and help is required.
  • This assessment can be conducted prior to an employee returning to work following a period of sick leave, in order to ensure that the work task layout and equipment are the most suitable for them.

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Right 2 Write has unparalleled expertise in enabling people with hidden disabilities to overcome barriers in their workplace, and focuses on advising appropriate and cost effective adjustments.