Visual StressDyslexic Readers can commonly have subtle visual problems (binocular instability &/or visual stress) & these may not be detected in routine eye tests. An optometrists or orthoptists would be able to detect these problems.

Binocular Instability would not be visible when looking at someone’s eyes however it could cause problems if the person was reading. Below are some common symptoms:

  • Tires Quickly
  • Loses place on page
  • Misses out bits of text
  • Gets Headaches
  • Becomes fidgety
  • Blurred or double vision

Visual Stress

Visual Stress can be caused by difficulties seeing high contrast detail. Below are some common symptoms:

  • Strain on eyes
  • Headaches
  • Text appearing to change or move
  • Bright coloured text or images “flashing”
  • White paper “glaring”

Coloured filters or lenses can help ease visual stress however the colour needed will be different for each individual.