Asperger Syndrome

Help and advice

Characteristics of Asperger Syndrome:

  • Asperger syndromeHigh Level Stress & Anxiety continually
  • Social Contact/Interaction challenging
  • Problems with abstract thought – Visual thinkers
  • High Intellectual Functioning
  • Poor Social/Emotional intelligence
  • Missing insight into their condition
  • Unaware of consequences following their actions
  • Limited Empathy
  • Poor Communication skills with a difficulty answering questions
  • Difficulty keeping eye contact
  • Struggle to cope with unplanned change

Good Practice

Someone who has Asperger Syndrome will take everything literally, avoid comparison. Speak simply making sure that nothing you say is vague & allow them time to process. It’s good practice to encourage people with Asperger Syndrome to take a break at least once an hour for 15minutes to give them time to recover.

Rather than giving open questions to some with Asperger Syndrome try to give them a multiple choice format.

People with Asperger Syndrome have a better chance of success doing tasks if they are given a set of rules which are explained fully and they can then follow.

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