Workplace Assessments | What You Need To Know

Everyone brings valuable skills and knowledge to their workplace, and it is crucial to strengthen and embrace this remarkable diversity both on a business and individual level. Workplace Needs Assessments are designed to identify barriers within the workplace and subsequently make adjustable recommendations to counteract those barriers, maximising the potential of employees. So why should you get one?

Workplace Assessments benefit the Employer AND the Employee

One of the most common misconceptions is that work-based assessments only benefit the individual or the employer, but that is simply not the case. Employers who undertake workplace assessments are better able to support their employees who in turn are able to better support their employer. This natural symbiosis allows for a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce whose diversity is embraced and supported.

They are all-encompassing

Workplace assessments cover everything from Ergonomic issues through to SPLD’s and Neurodiversity. Over 10 percent of the world’s population are Neurodivergent (CIPD 2018) and therefore it is critical that they are embraced and supported to maximise their potential. Similarly, Musculoskeletal injuries and work-related stress are currently the second and third highest reasons for employee absence behind COVID 19 (CIPD 2021) and due to the current climate involving working from home, this is likely to increase substantially in the future. Therefore it is imperative to identify any adjustments that can be made to allow employees to better function and support their health on an individual basis.

They can be undertaken remotely or in-person

In the current climate, many people are reluctant to bring external people into their homes or office space, however, this does not mean that a Workplace assessment cannot take place. Workplace assessments can be conducted both online or face to face, to ensure that employees get the support they need no matter where they are.

You could receive funding

Through the Governments Access to Work scheme companies or individuals can apply for grants to pay for the costs of reasonable adjustments that are identified following an assessment. You could receive up to 100 percent funding if you are successful in your application.

They work

The main reason to consider a work-based needs assessment is simple: They work. Qualified psychologists with a history in Neurodiversity undertake the assessments to ensure that all needs are catered for. Their expertise allows them to get to the heart of any issues, identify any barriers and subsequently influence a positive change in the workplace globally.

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