Making Changes in the Workplace | What are Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable adjustments are mandatory adjustments designed to support workers with disabilities or physical health conditions and ensure that they are not disadvantaged within their roles.

How are they identified?

Reasonable adjustments are normally identified following a workplace needs assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to look at the employee’s working space, their job role, and functions, as well as finding out key information about the employee and organisation as a whole. Once the assessment is completed a comprehensive report is received that details the adjustments that can be made to better support an employee and work together to maximise theirs and the company’s potential.

What they involve?

Reasonable adjustments cover everything from ensuring that a company’s recruitment process caters for all prospective employees, right down to specific solutions such as support workers or assistive technology. This is certainly not a one size fits all approach and all needs are considered and taken in to account before a reasonable adjustment is recommended and subsequently implemented. This approach is considered proactive in its nature as opposed to something such as occupational health/therapy that is almost always reactive in its approach.

What adjustments are recommended?

Recommendations can include anything such as: assistive technology, support workers, ergonomic seating/issues, dictaphones, hardware, training, coping strategies and much more.

How are they implemented?

Following a workplace needs assessment, recommendations are issued in the form of a report. This report will indicate what adjustments can be made and how best to implement them. It is down to the employer or individual to implement these changes

Is funding available?

Yes. Funding can be applied for directly through the government’s Access to Work scheme. All you need to do is submit your report and apply for funding. This means that if you are a successful applicant you may receive up to 100 percent of funds to cover the cost for any adjustments required.

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